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What is Powercode Packing?


Allowing you to bill recurring services, one time charges, referral credits, self-expiring discounts and charges and more.


A network agnostic method of provisioning services through the Powercode BMU or Procera Networks Real-Time Enforcement device.


Keep track of and define all equipment deployed at customer locations, network locations, warehouses, trucks and more.

Network Management

Our network management system controls traffic via IP address, so it supports many types of equipment.


Powercode keeps an eye on performance and statistics in your network. You'll know of issues well before you customers call in.


Seamlessly route inqquireis created via email, web-forms and phone calls into our simple, multi-user, customer support platform.

Customer Portal

Give customers a way to manage their account, pay their bill, open tickets with your support group and more.


Build and define schedules for any number of installers or service technicians for day by day, week by week or month by month.

Built for Flexibility

Whether you provide wireless internet, VOIP services, fiber, or copper; Powercode is the right solution for any ISP.

& So Much More

Get the fuller list of features on the Powercode Software here.

Powercode Testimonials:

I'm able to concentrate on building out infrastructure and/or getting new customers! Powerode handles the rest!

Casey Imgarten
Airlink RB
The Powercode sales & support team has been amazing. I began using this program with absolutely no working knowledge of it, both teams have provided 5 star support, in their knowledge, response time and simplicity of explanation (I do not feel I have to be an astrophysicist to understand). I am completely confident of bringing any issue to the table knowing it will be resolved with a very high regard. Thank you Powercodes Sales & Support! WOOT-WOOT!!

Mary Cass
U.S. Voip Solutions
We fully attribute in our area over our competitors to our decision to invest in Powercode.

Steven Kenney
WaveDirect Telecommunications
From the start, the team worked with us to plan a successful implementation, learn the software, and migrate our data in a few short weeks.

Adrian Folsom
Now that I have Powercode I feel like the business is more 'self run'.

Ben Leslie
Columbia Wireless
... the switch to Powercode was made and streamlined all internal daily processes to a unified product to establish company growth.

Josh Luthman
Imagine Networks
We would gladly recommend Powercode to anyone who is looking for a well designed, well run and well supoorted solution for their business.

Tom Lawicki
Bluewave Internet
Powercode has become an integral part of the network infrastructure - both hardware and software - of IDS.

Jeff Hoffman

Multiple Payment Gateways

We offer several secure payment gateways allowing you to customize your payments vendor based on existing business practices.

Over 60 Built-in Reports

Choose from over 60 built-in reports or use our custom reporting tool to create and save your own tailored reports.

Endless Integrations

Powercode integrates with third-party applications that extend the functionality of Powercode.

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